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The Menorca Cultural Agenda, live culture everyday

How do I use the agenda?

How do I search for information?

With agendamenorca.com, finding out what is happening in Menorca and what events are coming soon is much easier now. In fact, the web displays all the island’s activities. In addition, the system has been designed to make finding the information you want easy.

Thus, the search engine has been placed at the top of the page with three different options: what, where and when. Simply select the options you wish to use to narrow your search and click on the search button (with the magnifying glass icon). A page with the results will appear. You may also enter text to conduct a search in the box above the magnifying glass icon.

Then, you can click on any of the events listed on the results page to obtain more information.

Help us build the agenda

If you are associated with an entity on the island and are organising an event that you would like included in the agenda, notify us by submitting the form. You can find this form on the menu to the right. You may also enter the information directly into the agenda by becoming a collaborator and requesting your own password in the Contact section.

Find out about new events

Accessing the Menorca Cultural Agenda is very easy.You have two options:
  • Receive the electronic bulletin. Simply enter your email address and you will periodically receive a list of upcoming activities.
  • Subscribe to the RSS feeds. RSS is a technology that allows one to read the latest entries through a reading programme, commonly known as an aggregator. Agendamenorca.com has RSS channels for the activities planned for today, tomorrow and the latest additions to the system.

Now you can use the Menorca Cultural Agenda. Plus, you can always contact us by sending a message via the contact form.

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