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The RSS is the best way to stay up-to-date without having to browse

The RSS channels are the most convenient, practical and simple way to find out about the latest entries on agendamenorca.org.

But what is the RSS?

It is a file format that allows content to be distributed in the same way as a website. However, it operates differently in that it can send notices regarding site changes and updates. This eliminates the need to constantly go to the website to find out if it has been changed. The RSS does this automatically. This format has gained popularity through the increased use of blogs.

How do I use the RSS?

You need a specific reading programme, known as an aggregator, in order to use the RSS. Many exist for all the operational systems. Certain websites operate as aggregators. You can read the new entries published simply by registering as a user.


Mac OS X:


Websites with aggregator services:

The agendamenorca.org RSS channels.

Agendamenorca.org has the following channels through which it sends notices regarding the events occurring today or tomorrow as well as the latest entries:

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